Delayed: The Legend of Zelda for Wii U

In a blow to the hopes and dreams of Zelda fans around the world—and possibly also to Nintendo, who’d hoped to make the previously announced new Zelda title for Wii U a major featured release of 2015—series producer Eiji Aonuma has just released a “development update” video that reveals a 2015 will not be happening.

Getting the game out the door this year is not the “number one priority,” which we suspect means a pushback date to 2016 at least. According to Aonuma, the new ideas being implemented, and the scope of the project, as so massive that the decision was made instead to “make it the ultimate and most complete Zelda game.”

They want to produce the best game possible and give us an enormous world to play in—and while disappointing in the short term, this will no doubt me worth it in the long run.

Watch the whole announcement below.


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