Super Mario Series Individual Mario amiibo Street Date

While the Super Mario series of amiibo haven’t been quite as hard to find as the Super Smash Bros. figures, it’s still been mighty challenging—especially when a figure like Mario has been only available in game bundles thus far.

When purchased in a bundle, the Mario amiibo only comes to about $10, so it’s great value—but it’s a terrible proposition for gamers who don’t want to buy Mario Party 10 just to get the Mario amiibo… because that’s going to set you back a whole heck of a lot more than $10.

But now, Nintendo of America has announced that the Mario toy will be sold separately and will hit store shelves on April 3rd.

Does this mean there will be enough stock for everyone? Who knows! But at least there will be some, and so far the only Mario figure to be truly difficult (*cough*impossible*cough*) to get one’s hands on is the Gold Mario.

Still, maybe mark this one down on your calendar and make plans to hit your local shop early on the third…


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