The Great Ace Attorney Special Edition is Awesome—But You Can’t Have It

The Great Ace Attorney, a game which will transport the much loved game series into a new time period and expand on the mechanics of the game, is getting closer to its Japanese release date. Here in North America, all we can do is sigh dramatically and look on in envy, and the special edition bundles certainly aren’t helping with that.

There are three different special editions which have been revealed, the cheapest being 7300¥ (around $60) which includes illustration cards and a soundtrack album. The e-Capcom limited edition has two animal plushies and six postcards plus frame, a short story by Iris Watson, a sticker that looks like Holmes’ card, a pin, and a briefcase to store it all in… yes, Sherlock Holmes’ briefcase. That’ll set gamers in Japan back by 9300¥ (about $78).

If you want it all, it’ll cost 10800¥ (about $90), unless you’re in North America in which case it’ll cost you much sadness and anguish as you look on with longing in your soul.

april 6 great ace attorney special edition 1


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