Space Hulk Smashes Into eShop This May

On May 2nd, the turn-based tactical strategy game Space Hulk will lumber onto North America’s Wii U eShop. The title is based on the board game from Games Workshop, and has players controlling a team of Space Marine Terminators whose mission is to board derelict spaceships and eliminate the alient Genestealers hiding inside.

If you’re familiar at all with the board game, you’ll know what it means when we say the single-player campaign for the eShop title is based on the Space Hulk “Sin of Damnation” campaign, containing three new prequel missions and all 12 missions from the board game.

The eShop title’s multiplayer mode, however, has been designed to try and capture that head-to-head battle feel of the board game with “hot seat play” on your local console.

If controlling teams of giant robots is your thing, keep an eye out for this one—or watch the trailer below for more info!


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