Aww… 8-Bit World of Nintendo Plushies

Plushies, plushies, and more plushies! Everybody likes plushies! Especially when they’re as awesome as what you see here—a triumphant trio of retro-style plushies, made by Jakks Pacific for the ubiquitous line of World of Nintendo toys. It’s Mario, Luigi, and Link in their 8-bit NES incarnations, but more squishy and with fewer sharp edges.

In the past, Nintendo has offered the 8-bit Mario through Club Nintendo, but considering what’s happening there, it’s very nice to see that they’re available without the need to save up tons of coins and then hope for the best.

The plushies will be released this coming July, with a price tag of $54.99 for all three. You can currently preorder them from Entertainment Earth ( and Big Bad Toy Store ( as a package, or separately on Toy Wiz ( ) (though the prices there are strangely varied).

Will they make it out of the USA and into Canada? Or elsewhere? Who knows! But part of the description is “Wave 1”, so here’s hoping we’ll see additional retro plushies hitting store shelves in the future.


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