Nintendo World Championships Event Time Revealed

This past weekend saw the return of the Nintendo World Championship Qualifiers, as players battled it out for a spot in the Finals held at E3 later this month. Nintendo of America has gone ahead and used its new little Nintendo Direct Micro way of delivering information to us and has provided some additional details on how this will all play out.

The final event will be held at E3 on June 14th—which most of you already knew—but what you didn’t know is that this will be at 3pm PST / 6pm EST. Yes, set those calendar reminders! There will also be some live broadcasts happening before the show, hyping everyone up and probably giving us a look at what the competitors will be playing to battle it out.

The finalists have evidently been told to practice on the original NES game The Legend of Zelda, which continues the retro theme begun in the qualifiers with Ultimate NES Remix. Whether the version of Zelda played in the finals will be the Remix version (or… the original?!), we probably won’t know until the event starts, but it’s good to know there will be something new to watch that appeals to a good portion of Nintendo’s fanbase.


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