Shigeru Miyamoto Takes a Trip to Jim Henson Studios

Regardless of what Nintendo fans thought of the company’s announcements during E3, the one thing folks won’t soon forget are those eerily familiar-looking puppets… and let’s face it, they really were fantastic.

Shortly after the presentation, it was actually revealed that the puppets were made by none other than the only company who really could, let’s be honest, pull off puppets of that quality and convincing nature: The Jim Henson Company.

The team behind The Muppets put together those fantastical puppet creations of Miyamoto, Iwata, and Reggie who transformed into Fox, Peppy, and Falco from Star Fox. And even better, the Nintendo of America YouTube account has poster a video of Shigeru Miyamoto’s visit to the Jim Henson Studios where the puppets were created!

The six minute video shows Miyamoto touring the studio with other Nintendo employees, as well as a moment where he sits down with the son of the one and only legendary Jim Henson. Miyamoto mentions how much he has always admired the Henson Studios’ creations and one nursed a desire to become a puppeteer!

We also learn that Miyamoto once won a Jim Henson Award, back in 2008, for inspiring children to dream with his “collective video game creations and contribution.” You’ll also get to see a Kermit cameo, of course.

But we won’t spoil the rest for you. Check it out below!



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