The Facebook Super Mario Maker Hackathon Happenings

Nintendo recently announced a promotional collaboration with Facebook for the upcoming Super Mario Maker. They called it a “hackathon” which is evidently part of Facebook’s corporate culture, and the collaboration with this particular game was for Facebook employees to design levels for the game—with the winner having his or her game included in the final game.

This is a smart way for Nintendo to continue promoting this title with Facebook, though we may not see a whole lot right away—however, the actual hackathon has happened, and Nintendo of America has released some promo photos that show happy Facebook employees engaged in gameplay. You may also spot Bill Trinen, and Nintendo Treehouse’s Corey Olcsvary.

Will this tie-in be a profitable one? Who knows! We’ll have to wait and see how this event is used once both companies really ramp up the marketing for Super Mario Maker.


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