Disney Infinity Sales Sagging

Toys-to-life has been a lucrative, if new, category of games over the past few years. It all started with Activision’s Skylanders, and was followed up with Disney Infinity play sets. Then lo and behold, others decided to get on board and we’ve seen Nintendo follow up with amiibo and LEGO Dimensions is set to add a fourth product line to the shelves.

This is what we like to call market saturation—there are only so many little plastic figures one can buy, right? And in a situation like this, somebody has to come out last. Turns out Disney Infinity is the last apple in this bunch, with sales momentum struggling and the revenue for Disney’s Interactive division falling by $58 million this past quarter.

According to reports, this drop—as well as the $29 million drop in operating income, to bring the division to break-even—is a result of weak Disney Infinity and catalogue sales. Though the specifics on sales figures hasn’t yet been released, it has been attributed to decreased unit sales and “lower average net effective pricing.”

It’s possible that Disney Infinity can bounce back later this year, however—the upcoming focus of play sets is Star Wars themed, and with the excitement of the new films starting to bubble over, this may be just what the game needs to stay afloat.

Otherwise, Disney Interactive may be in for some trouble, particularly when noted that it was the only division within Disney—we’re talking parks, media, studio entertainment, etc.,–to see revenue fall.


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