So Much Disney Happiness Your Teeth Will Hurt

If your life isn’t happy enough, it’s time to make it even happier with this new trailer for Disney Magical World 2, otherwise known in Japan as Disney Magical Castle: My Happy Life 2. The promos are ramping up in Japan with the official theme song for the game being released, featuring the vocals of pop star May J. You can enjoy it in the trailer we’ll post below!

It’s a relaxing, sweeping song from an obviously very talented singer—and as if that wasn’t enough, the first example of real gameplay footage has also been released, giving us almost five minutes of video direct from the Happiest Place on Earth… uh, virtually.

The game seems to follow right from the original, with an obscene number of famous Disney characters both returning and joining the game for the first time. Disney Magical World 2 releases in Japan on November 8th, and while we don’t have a date for the Western release just yet, considering how well the first one did over here it’s surely only a matter of time before we see the sequel on our own shelves.


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