Treehouse Staffer Chris Pranger Fired

We’ve been seeing more and more of Nintendo’s Treehouse staff these days, making appearances at promo events and in interviews instead of just on video chats. Their public engagement has made them recognizable figures, and it’s only logical to assume they’d be active on social media as well. You might also think that with this increased public visibility would come a greater sense of freedom in their job description.

For example, when Chris Pranger appeared on the Part Time Gamers Podcast past week, he spoke very frankly about his work at Nintendo. He made comments on the behavior of some of Nintendo’s key executives, addressed the issue of managing fan expectations along with the reality of game localisation, and mentioning that internal staff at Nintendo often do voice work on games because it’s “fun” and lower cost.

But he appears to have crossed a line somewhere, because it was confirmed yesterday by Pranger himself that he has been fired from his position at Nintendo. Evidently the interview broke the rules of his employment, and Pranger has recognized that in the end it was his own fault for speaking so candidly about subjects that he may not have had permission for.


It’s always a shame to see someone lose their job, but in this day and age it’s true that employees need to be more careful than ever when discussing their employment with the public.


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