PAX Prime: Second Impressions—Android Assault Cactus (Wii U)

The twin stick bullet hell SHMUP title Android Assault Cactus has been around the PAX show floor a few time before, so this wasn’t the first time we took a few minutes to see how the game is progressing and what’s new.

Quick reminder that Android Assault Cactus is brought to us by Australian developers Witch Beam, and will be out for Wii U after its release on PS4 and PC (which is supposed to happen this summer, but we’re kind of at the end of it now, so…).

A few adjustments have made to ensure the game is now more balanced than previous iterations, as well as some options to gameplay like a first person camera and AV filters.

A new addition is Mega Weapons, which are (as one might suspect) sort of ultimate versions of their regular selves. They do tons of damage and of course have a series of requirements in order to obtain them.

There are new cutscenes to enjoy, a 3D model of the map area you’re working through, and plenty of challenges to keep you playing. It’s great to see the progress made on this title and we’re anticipating its release on the Wii U someday soon!



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