Wii U Exclusivity for Sonic Lost World is Over

Back in 2013, Sonic Lost World was released exclusively as a Wii U title, with a 3DS version to accompany it. It was one of those Sonic titles that received much hype (on this website too, in fact) and although it certainly made a decent effort at using 3D effectively, it never really delivered on that perfect Sonic experience we were all looking for. Still, it was entertaining enough.

Now that we’re a few years removed from the original release, SEGA has been moving some of its games onto PC, likely in response to the resurgence of that gaming platform. It can be found on Steam right now, and if it isn’t on discount when this goes to press, we suspect it’s only a matter of time (based on Steam’s tendency to discount games for various reasons).

Yes, it means the Wii U loses another exclusive, but it’s been a few years so it’s highly unlikely that anyone was going to buy a Wii U console just to play Sonic Lost World. But, you know, if you’re really aching for your Sonic fix, you now have options regarding where and how to get your spin-dash on.


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