Bayonetta is Newest Challenger in Super Smash Bros.

Here she is: the final challenger in Super Smash Bros. It’s Bayonetta, the PlatinumGames’ controversial and yet beloved heroine of her own series, and we’ll see her coming to the game in February 2016. She’ll be arriving alongside an Umbra Clock Tower stage, which fans of her series will recognize from the first Bayonetta game.

According to Masahiro Sakurai, Bayonetta was among the top five Fighter Ballot choices in North America and number one in Europe, which helped to bring her to the coveted position of worldwide winner.

Sakurai’s Final Presentation gave us a glimpse of her move set, including Bullet Arts, which again will be recognizable by series fans. She’ll arrive as Wii U DLC and the package will also include new music tracks & trophies for Ceresa, Rodin, and Jeanne. Each version of character + stage will be $5.99 or $6.99 to purchase both on Wii U and 3DS together.

Watch the preview trailer for her arrival below!


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