Super Mario Maker Update Adds Fire Koopa Clown Car

Nintendo has been continuing their release of new items for Super Mario Maker over the past few months, and it seems like there’s no sign of stopping! It’s almost time for the next set of updates, with three new items coming as well as a special feature found in the course selection area.

Let’s start with the items: Players can shake certain items to unlock a P Warp Door, a Bumper, and—yes!—a Fire Koopa Clown Car!

The course selection area will also now show who completed a course first and what the current world record completion time is! This adds possibility for players competing at speedruns, making it even easier to compare times and see who’s at the top.

On December 22nd, we’ll also see the Super Mario Maker Bookmark Web Portal go live! This website allows you to log in with your Nintendo Network ID, browse through the available courses, and then bookmark which ones you’d like to play later on the Wii U. How cool is that? More ways to procrastinate!

We’re definitely fans.


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