Nintendo World Store Ready for NYC Revamp

If you’re a Nintendo fan who has traveled to New York City, you’ve probably visited the Nintendo World store and delighted in all the offerings at its two-storey facility. Located in Rockefeller Plaza, Nintendo Life writer Faith visited last summer and had an opportunity to leave a message in the memorial book set up in honor of late president Satoru Iwata. The window display in his honor was also very moving, and showed the dedication of the store to preserving Nintendo’s family-like relationship between those who run the company and make games, and those who play them.

Nintendo of America has now announced that this store will be receiving a revamp, and will be closed for an entire month beginning on January 19th. It will reopen on February 19th with a brand new layout including demo units, a 15-foot screen for gaming, and a giant, identifying coin logo in the entranceway floor.

The store will also be rebranded as Nintendo NY, which suggests that there may be additional plans for stores elsewhere in the near future. We certainly hope so! And if you’re planning to be in NYC around the time of the store re-open, head over there on February 19th for some Nintendo fun:

“The weekend of the reopening (Feb. 19-21), the newly branded Nintendo NY store will host a series of reopening activities, including giveaways (while supplies last) and appearances by costumed characters like Mario and Luigi. The store will also sell exclusive souvenirs that can only be purchased that weekend, including a limited-edition T-shirt featuring Mario or Link. Fans who want to try out some of Nintendo’s latest games are in luck, as new and upcoming Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games will be available to play.”


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