Buddy & Me: Dream Edition Heads to Wii U eShop

A few years ago, Buddy & Me appeared on mobile as an endless runner title following a kid and his “Buddy.” The game was well received, likened to a Never-Ending Story type of premise, and the art was quite delightful to boot. So, considering the overlap in audience here, it was not without some level of “we thought so!” that Sunbreak Games announced that Buddy & Me: Dream Edition will be coming to the Wii U later this spring.

The Wii U version in the eShop will be the “definitive version” of the game, containing extra outfits, a concept art gallery, seasons, and possible items for a Kickstarter update like a “Treehouse Mode” and bunny companions.

Wii U dev kits are presently running a build of this game, and if you backed the original Kickstarter for the title, you’ll receive a complimentary download code for the Wii U version.


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