Hyper Light Drifter Floats Away from Wii U

A few years ago, the 2D action RPG game Hyper Light Drifter was announced and successfully funded via a Kickstarter campaign. There was a Wii U version planned as a stretch goal, and we even posted our First Impressions of the game after PAX East 2014. We were very impressed by what we saw and looked forward to the game arriving on the Wii U.

Clearly there have been delays—that “summer 2014” release window came and went a long time ago—and we’ve had no updates as to when we can see this game on our Nintendo system.

As it turns out, Nintendo players may be out of luck with Hyper Light Drifter. On Heart Machine’s Kickstarter page, they revealed that there’s been an issue ongoing between Nintendo and GameMaker: Studio (the game engine) that has put the game’s future on Wii U in question:

“So what happened? We had information about our engine, two years back, when we announced support for the platform. This had assured us we could port to the Wii U with relatively little hassle by now. However, due to ongoing internal contractual issues beyond our control between the platform holder and engine developer, we just don’t know when or if this situation will have a good resolution. We are looking into the options available and doing what we can to help push the issue, including posting about it here.

This means we will still offer the option of Wii U in the Surveys, with the stipulation that if you do choose it as your platform, and we end up unable to support it this year, we will offer you a key on another platform of your choice. We would rather keep this option open, knowing there’s still a possibility for it to work, than cancel the port right now.”

The game isn’t officially cancelled, as you can read above, but it’s definitely tentative and sounds like a bit of a long shot. It’s nice to see they haven’t given up hope, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed on their behalf. After all, you’ve been waiting almost two years to play it!


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