Monster Hunter Generations Coming This Summer

Monster Hunter X (Cross) was a huge success in Japan, keeping Capcom in the black as fans gobbled up yet another entry in the Monster Hunter series. Here in North America (and elsewhere in the west), Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate really saw the series take off among new fans—which of course is nothing but a bonus for existing fans, because it means more Monster Hunter games coming to our shores.

Hence, Monster Hunter Generations is about to arrive this summer—a localized version of Monster Hunter X (Cross)—which is sure to please new and old fans alike. The game incorporates various elements from the history of the series, as well as new movesets and weapons all in the aim of increasing the pace of action within the game.

Also, those players with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate save data on their system will receive in-game bonuses, and there will also be Fire Emblem themed armor sets coming in due time.

Check out the trailer below!


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