Mega Man Redux Lets You Live Your Childhood (With Better Graphics)

If there’s one thing Nintendo fans love, it’s replaying games from their childhood. Sometimes these games stand the test of time, sometimes…they don’t. But the best is when these games are remastered or even remade but maintain the glory of the original.

One fan of Capcom’s blue bomber hero is tired of waiting around for Capcom to get on board with this concept, and has gone ahead to create a ‘graphical enhancement pack’ for the NES original Mega Man game.

Called Mega Man Redux, this is a ROM hack for the American version, and brings detail to the environments while sprucing up the sprites. The visuals have received an enhancement in terms of shading, and players will enjoy quite a bit of depth to this old-is-new-again gaming experience. Gone are the white or blank spaces! Everything is filled in, and you’re likely to either love it or really, really hate it.

Interested parties can download the ROM hack and apply it to a US version of the game’s ROM from here, just scroll pas the text to the gray bar: clicky


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