Miitomo Easter Egg Honors Satoru Iwata

Although Miitomo isn’t yet available in North America (or anywhere in the west), there’s been a lot of talk about it online after the first weekend saw over a million downloads in Japan. It’s also been interesting to see how people are reacting to it—and what it’s all about—because of its position as Nintendo’s first foray into the smartphone marketplace.

Naturally, folks who have access have dug deep, and the GameXplain team has actually found a number of really fantastic Easter Eggs that would be easy to miss—so naturally, we want to boost the signal on that so you don’t miss it when it arrives over here.

These Easter Eggs come from the comment section of Miitomo, which is the space where you leave replies to questions or to the answers received from other people.

For example, if you want your Mii’s face to change for just a moment, type in “dog” or “cat.” Neat, huh? But here’s the best part. If you type in “Direct,” your Mii will strike a pose—the iconic stance that the late Satoru Iwata was known to make during his Nintendo Direct presentations.

We think that’s a pretty nifty way to pay tribute. If you’d like to see the whole shebang from GameXplain, watch below!


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