Official Splatoon…Lint Roller?!

Ah, yes. It appears that we have officially entered the realm of anything goes when it comes to Splatoon, because while we’ve recently reported on a real, functional water pistol and a those squishy stress ball-like squid toys, things have just been taken to a whole other level.

Famitsu has reported that an official Splatoon lint roller is being made in Japan, modeled after the much loved (and much maligned) Splat Roller from the game. And before you get all finger-pointy, yes, we know that making it into a paint roller would be more authentic, but do you really want to cover your collectible in brightly colored paint? No, we didn’t think so. Covering it in fuzzy lint sounds much more appealing.

Anyway, we have no idea when this will be available to western fans, or if it ever will. We just thought you should know about it.

Carry on.


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