Mini Mario & Friends Available Early with amiibo Purchase

Although most folks don’t yet have access to the upcoming Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge game, a free-to-play (ish?) title in the Mario vs. Donkey Kong game series, the March Nintendo Direct did announce an early access promotion available to North American players that starts today.

We’re posted this in case you’ve forgotten about it—we certainly did, until sitting down to write this—and because it’s only happening for the next three days.

If you purchase an amiibo figure from Amazon, Best Buy, or GameStop between March 25th and 27th, you will receive a free download code for the game. Be sure to check the product pages if you choose to order online, and be sure to ask first if you’re buying in person.

For everyone else, we need to wait until April 28th for the game, and you’ll need a minimum of one amiibo to play.

Go forth and collect more plastic, friends!


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