PAX East 2016: Panels of Interest (Friday)

You’ll have to wait until Sunday this year for the big Nintendo-led panel for Bravely Second: End Layer, but there’s a wide variety of amazing panels for Nintendo fans at this year’s PAX East. We’ve gone through the program and selected what we think are panels of interest to our readers, based on content, presenters, or general thematic ties with Nintendo as a brand.

Please remember that all panels highlighted in these daily posts are entirely subjective, and we encourage you to flip through the program on your own! However, maybe us pointing certain things out here will help to narrow down your choices, or highlight panels and events that you might otherwise not have noticed.

Have fun out there today! Happy PAX-ing!


10:30am-11:30am – “How to StreetPass in amiiboHeaven Pt 2” (Cuttlefish Theatre)

Nintendo’s line of toys-to-life, amiibo, has created a craze that has swept the gamer community and country. With amiibo becoming more plentiful, how can you best StreetPass and unleash the power of your amiibo? Get the best tips and tricks from StreetPass Boston, StreetPass NYC, Sean “Mario” Sullivan, and more!

There will be a Q&A and giveaways.

Best Custom Amiibo (Design and Smashing ability) and Costume Contest!

Bring your Nintendo 2/3DS for StreetPassing and Smashing!


2:00pm-3:00pm – “The Mario Maker World Championships: Klepek vs. Ryckert” (Condor Theatre)

For months, Patrick Klepek has valiantly struggled to defend the world against the nefarious Mario Maker stages created by Dan “Dirt” Ryckert. The Ryckoning? Defeated. The Klepocalypse? Destroyed. But The Armageddan? Patrick couldn’t beat that one, and lost his facial hair because of it. Now, Patrick wants his revenge. Live at PAX East, Dan and Patrick will face off in a series of never-before-seen Mario Maker stages created by a series of surprise guests. Whoever wins, Mario dies.


6:30pm-7:30pm – “Games Done Quick – Speedrunning for Charity” (Condor Theatre)

We’re some of the staff and speedrunners from Games Done Quick, a biannual charity stream focused on showing off some of the world’s greatest speedruns. We’re here to talk about the event, show off a hot speed gaming demo, and answer questions. If you want to know more about speedrunning, speedrunners, or contributing to charity via gaming, feel free to stop by!
9:30-11:00pm – “Life, Philosophy, Romance, and a Super Metroid Speed Run” (Condor Theatre)

The return of last year’s smash hit panel! Panelists Ethan and Eitan (each with 10+ years dev exp) will complete a sub-one hour speed run of Super Metroid (1994, SNES, greatest game ever made) while simultaneously answering any and all questions from the audience! Wondering if your relationship is salvageable? Trying to figure out if you should take out a loan for grad school? Curious as to which dim sum restaurant in Boston is best? WE WILL ANSWER ANY QUESTION! YOU WILL BE ENTERTAINED!


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