PAX East 2016: Handheld Tournaments (Saturday)

Tourney, tourney, tourney! Registration begins at 10am on the day of each event, so if you want to play in one of these, head to the handheld lounge ASAP when the doors open. Today also marks the first occasion of a 15 & under tournament at PAX East, so if you’re among the younger crowd (or if you’re a parent attending PAX East with a younger human) and don’t want to deal with all the loud, tall people, be sure to sign up for that round!

Reminder that you must have your own games & devices in order to play in these tournaments, and sign-ups are first come, first served.


11am-1pm – Mario Kart 7 (3DS)

2:30pm-4:30pm – Juniors Pokémon (ORAS) (3DS) *this tournament is for kids 15 & under only

4pm-6pm – Super Smash Bros. for 3DS (3DS)


As in previous years, there may be other folks around in the handheld lounge battling each other with various Pokémon titles, so ask at the handheld desk or just shout at people in the lounge (in a nice way, it’s normal, don’t worry!) and get in queue for some additional battles!

And don’t worry—if you’re not into the ‘mons, say a friendly hello to the people around you in the handheld lounge. Undoubtedly there will be someone or a group of friendly PAX-goers willing to engage in some download play or maybe host a mini-tourney together.


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