PAX East 2016: Panels of Interest (Saturday)

Hoping to check out a panel to whet your appetite as you wait for tomorrow’s Bravely Second: End Layer presentation? There are a few we’ve chosen below that we think might be of interest to Nintendo fans! Remember that all our suggestions are subjective, so do flip through the program on your own for more information or to see what else is on offer.

At the very least, we hope our suggestions may help to narrow down your choices for the day ahead, or perhaps spark an interest in something else you might not have otherwise noticed!


10:00am-11:00am – “Amiibo Advice: The Past, Present, and Future of Amiibo!” (Bobcat Theatre)

Since September of 2014, the $13 toy craze known as Amiibo have been breaking wallets, causing headaches, and exciting collectors around the world. What exactly makes these Nintendo toys so appealing towards gamers and non-gamers alike? Join Abdallah Elayan, from the Nintendo YouTube Channel AbdallahSmash026, as well as a cast of fellow Amiibo-fanatics as they discuss the Past, Present, and Future of Amiibo!


7:00-8:00pm – “IGN Presents: 16 Big Anniversaries Happening in 2016” (Dragonfly Theatre)

Did you know Resident Evil 4 turns 10 this year? And PlayStation 2 turns 15? And Pac-Man turns 35?! Join IGN Editors as they stroll down video game memory lane. They’ll also be taking your questions in a special Q&A session.


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