PAX East 2016: First Impressions – Monster Hunter Generations (3DS)

Nintendo has been working very hard on bringing Monster Hunter games to the west on a regular basis, and after a few years of really pumping Monster Hunter 3 & 4 to audiences here, the latest entry in the franchise has finally brought its own hype. Some of this is surely a result of the online multiplayer, which has helped to develop a community mindset around the series—which means now is the perfect time to release a game like Monster Hunter Generations, a nod to the series’ past and a way of recapping to bring it into the future.

The PAX East demo contained content for the localized version of the game, which has already been released in Japan—and the anticipation for it in North America was palpable on the show floor, with demo stations at both the Nintendo booth and the Capcom booth!

As for playing the demo, Monster Hunter Generations introduces new mechanics, special abilities activated via touchscreen, and opportunities to leap onto a monster’s back to take it down—a highly coordinated attack method that will require skill and plenty of teamwork to successfully execute. The game itself is familiar and nothing has really changed from the series you know & love: Your team heads out to hunt a monster and take it down together through an epic battle—we’re talking fifteen minute battles for one monster.

The beauty of the long battle, however, is in the strategy and coordination of your team. Strikes need to be timed & executed correctly, because resetting is not necessarily instant. Each monster has its own strengths and weaknesses, which you’ll learn as you observe, fight, and change tactics in the field as the monster reacts to your attacks. Your team will need to adapt to the situation, and ultimately your victory will be that much more satisfying as a result.

What does Monster Hunter Generations have to offer the veterans to the franchise? It’s a retrospective with new elements, a way to celebrate the past ten years of the series through a fresh title. Classic elements are blended with the new, which is a great way to also entire that brand new players have an entry point—for new players, Generations gives them an opportunity to experience what makes this such a beloved series, while also getting a modern, updated game that has built on the past decade of feedback and innovation.

Ultimately, fans of the series will enjoy the nostalgic elements and new players will be relieved to have an entry point to experience what Monster Hunter is all about.


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