Play Nintendo Episode #2 is Live!

If you took the time to watch the debut episode of The Play Nintendo Show…well, how you felt about it was likely correlated to your age. It’s clearly designed to appeal to a younger demographic, which is a critical market for Nintendo to capture these days. They can’t live off the nostalgia sales to the 30+ market forever!

To stay relevant, they developed a regular YouTube show for younger gamers, and we’re excited that they’ve ventured into this territory—it’s bright, flashy, and ridiculous. So, practically perfect for the target audience!

If you have a younger gamer in your life or know of one, send them the link to check out episode two, which focuses this time on Animal Crossing: New Life.

Plus, The Regginator. We mean, really. Best.


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Faith likes games and books and cake and writing and Lara Croft, not necessarily in that order. She also thinks a Skylanders cartoon show is a really, REALLY good idea...

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