Darksiders Coming to Wii U Soon?

This was a strange little occurrence that’s been unfolding for a while now and has only really hit the airwaves lately—before this year’s E3, the Business & Product Development Director / Executive Producer at Nordic Games (say that title three times fast…), Reinhard Pollice, stated that Nordic was currently working on a game for the Wii U.

In the article where he made the announcement, he said, “I think Action-Adventure fans will enjoy this a lot,” leading many to speculate that it could be Darksiders—those with long memories will recall that Darksiders II was released on the Wii U quite some time ago, with a remastered version recently released for additional consoles and PC.

Since the acquisition of the series, Nordic seems to want to make sure as many people play the Darksiders games as possible, which makes it entirely likely that the superior (in most peoples’ opinions, it seems) first Darksiders title would hit the Wii U to join Darksiders II. Additional speculation grew rampant when a listing appeared on GameFly, though it has now been removed.

Does this meant the game is coming but an official announcement hadn’t been made, resulting in the takedown? Or is the statement from Pollice meant to lead our thought processes elsewhere? It’s hard to say without any official word, but considering the remaster of the sequel for other consoles, it’s not really beyond concept that we’d see the original title for Wii U in the near future.


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