First Impressions: Fast Racing Neo DLC (Wii U)

It was at PAX West last year in the Nindies lounge that we first enjoyed Fast Racing NEO, an F-Zero style racing game that is quite literally, freaking fast. It’s been called a “spiritual successor”, since it’s clear that Nintendo has no idea what to do with the F-Zero property right now, so anyone who’s been desperately awaiting a new title in that franchise should probably switch over to Fast Racing NEO and give it a shot.

This year, the team brought the game with its DLC to PAX West, and the game is as incredible as usual. Take a look at it—just a look at the screen while racing—and tell us that it’s not gorgeous. The colors are bright and heavily saturated, the cars are clear and crisp, and the tracks are highly detailed even when zooming through the world at incredible speeds.

And speaking of zooming at incredible speeds, the gameplay is as smooth and enjoyable as it was before, with tight controls, great responsiveness, and the learning curve that’s challenging without becoming overly frustrating. Players boost and slide through the tracks, and you might find yourself buzzing with adrenaline by the time you come around the last turn.

Because the game has been out for a while, you can definitely grab it in the eShop today, but it’s the DLC that’s available at the end of the month. It’s more of the same, nothing that we’re going to go “oh WOW, this is brand new!” about, but bringing the game to PAX with the DLC was a way to get more eyes on this title and expand the audience. We get it, and we hope that more folks check this one out.


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