PAX West 2016: Console Tournaments (Monday)

Hey, friend…spend much time out on the Expo Hall floor this weekend? Those dogs hurtin’ a bit? Aww, take a load off before you head back into the fray for a final go-round before PAX West 2016 winds down—maybe check out a console tournament!

The signups begin at 10am, yada yada, you probably know all this by now. Get there early to sign up, because these tourneys have smaller player caps to ensure the tournament doesn’t take longer than the time they’ve allotted for it.

Play nice, play fair, make friends and have fun. As usual, Nintendo-based tournaments are featured here on our site to make decisions easier for you, because we’re nice that way.

  • 12pm-2pm – Quidditch World Cup (Gamecube)
  • 2pm-4pm – F-Zero X(N64)
  • 4pm-6pm – Mario Kart 64 (N64)

Happy PAX-ing, and safe travels back to the “real world,” everyone!


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Dave will tell you that he likes to play video games, this is in fact a lie. What he really likes to do is buy games, and leaving them sitting unopened on his shelf. He is a monster.

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