Latest Nintendo Minute Showcases Paper Mario: Color Splash

If Nintendo’s offerings at last week’s PAX West event were any indication, the big releases left to come for the Wii U in 2016 are…few. Very few. Aside from a handful of remarkable-looking indie titles (which we’re definitely excited about!) Nintendo itself isn’t really focusing on Wii U games at the moment…however, Paper Mario: Color Splash is still to come, so maybe a solid instalment of this series can get us excited about firing up the Wii U for a first-party title again?

The promo pieces coming out of Nintendo for Paper Mario: Color Splash have been quite solid so far, and the latest Nintendo Minute video continues to build on that by showing off a new stage and a boss fight. The humor we’re seeing in other trailers and promos continues to be present, along with more Toads than you can shake a stick at and odd, paper-centric movements.

The video is around ten minutes long, so grab yourself a drink and settle in for a few minutes to take in the gameplay!


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