Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Coming in May (3DS)

Surprise! Oh Nintendo, you love to do this to us, don’t you? We’re okay with it, though.

Out of today’s Nintendo Direct presentation focused on Fire Emblem games came the announcement of a new 3DS title heading out way very, very soon—it’s Fire Emblem: Shadows of Valentia, and it’s getting released on May 19th. Yes, this year!

The game’s plot centers around two warriors who find themselves on opposite sides of a battle on Valentia continent (North vs. South, you know the drill!), and the game draws strong inspiration here from Fire Emblem Gaiden—a Famicom title that was only released in Japan. As you play Alm and Celica, you’ll get to build up your character progress as you like, battle through dungeons, and hopefully enjoy a less linear approach to exploration than in previous Fire Emblem titles on the 3DS.


Naturally, a new Fire Emblem game brings the opportunity for new amiibo, so two new character amiibos will be released at the same time for the leads. (Editor: How about those model designs, though?!)

Check out Nintendo’s trailer for this upcoming release!


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