(PAX West) First Impressions—World to the West (Wii U)

We have both good news and bad news about World to the West.

The good news is that there was always a HUGE lineup to play this game. Through the entire Nindies@Night event and at the demo station in the Nindies lounge, the line was long and blocked a section of the room, and was filled with people willing to wait for an hour or more to try out this title.

The bad news is that because of this constantly massive line, and our other obligations throughout the weekend, we never had a chance to get our hands directly on the title.

But! That’s all right, because we were able to observe and learn information that way, and we figure it’s better to bring some awareness to an indie title rather than ignore it just because we didn’t hold the controller.

World to the West is coming from Rain Games, the team behind Teslagrad—an awesome game that we really enjoyed, and we were even more thrilled to hear that this title is set in the same universe. Players in World to the West get to take on the roles of four characters, including Lumina the Teslamancer as well as Lord Clonington, Knaus the orphan, and Miss Teri who is a mind bender.

The game features a number of different environments, such as icy tundra and jungles, and exploration will be key to progression.

The game looks like a ton of fun, and while we can’t speak to the control scheme or how easy (or difficult) it was to learn the combat or movement, there was no shortage of people eager to check this title out. That alone—and the fact that the lineup continued throughout the weekend without slowing—means word of mouth about the game spread quickly, which means it’s got to be one fantastic title that’s worth looking forward to in the months ahead!


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