Nintendo Pays Extra Airline Fare to Bring You the Switch

Nintendo was literally taken by surprise when it came to demand for the Nintendo Switch. The console has been flying off the shelves since its release on March 3rd, with 2.74 million units sold to date. But it’s hard to keep that momentum up when no one can find your product, so Nintendo has ramped up production and—in a move that probably shocks everyone, to be quite honest—decided to use costly air freight to ensure that the next batch of Switch consoles, hot off the line, get into the hands of waiting consumers even faster.

We’re not unwise, however—we see Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on store shelves, and we know that folks who want to play it but don’t have a Switch yet will only remain excited and patient for so long.

It makes sense for Nintendo to pay more to get the Switch out to you faster—and the decision was temporary, because once the initial shipment went out, the company switched back to the lower-cost shipping option. Still, according to the numbers quoted by a Nintendo spokesman to the Wall Street Journal and an Ace Research Institute analyst, Nintendo may have taken a hit of nearly $45 per console to get them shipped quickly.

But that seems like a solid strategy, overall—because we’ve seen how the frustration over delays has tanked Nintendo’s products and sales numbers in the past. Things are looking up, it seems… at least in Nintendo’s strategic planning meetings, we think.


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