The Power Button Hiding in Front of Your Eyes… On the Switch

It’s not unusual for Nintendo to offer up hidden features on their hardware, and they’re not exactly the most forthcoming company when it comes to giving you the ins and outs of your new console. You’re more or less given the basics and left to figure things out on your own.

It’s not a bad strategy, so long as you can find all the elements you need, but sometimes there are still surprises that take a while to uncover. The clever folks over at Nintendo Life discovered just this when they found a ‘hidden’ power button on the Joy-Con controllers (and the Pro Controller).

Literally, all you have to do is press the sync button once, and the controller powers down immediately.

It’s an odd little surprise, but it’s also somewhat practical. You’re highly unlikely to hit the button by accident, since it’s recessed and a bit fiddly to press in the first place, but having it there so that you can conserve power on your controllers is incredibly handy.

Check out the little video from Nintendo Life on this! Especially if you just read the above and still aren’t sure where the sync button is. It’s okay. No judging.

Well, maybe a little.


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