Switch Generating More Interest Than Other Consoles, Says Neilson Report

Have you heard of the Neilson Games 360 Report? Well, if you’re a Nintendo fan, this may be the first time you’ve had a reason to sit up and pay attention, because this recently published document reveals that there is currently a greater interest among consumers in purchasing the Nintendo Switch than the forthcoming Xbox Scorpio or the PS4 Pro. Yes, that’s right. Surveyed consumers want a Nintendo product the most!

Scroll through the report and you’ll see various stats and charts, with one particular bar graph of note. The graph shows that 16% of people surveyed chose Nintendo Switch as the console they’d prefer to buy, over 13% for the Scorpio and 15% for the PS4 Pro. That said, the Xbox One and PS4 standard models received 17% and 21% respectively, but looking ahead to future purchases made by consumers, these numbers are solidly in Nintendo’s favor.

There’s a whole lot of interesting data in the entire report, so do spend some time browsing if that interests you. You can find the whole thing right here.


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