More Nintendo Switch Titles Coming From Ubisoft “Quite Soon”

We’ve been rather hard on Ubisoft in the past here on Nintendo Fire, and not without reason. Their attitude toward the Wii U and their broken promises left a sour taste in our mouth, but they seem to be approaching the Switch with tentative, gentle steps. Some might call it a “slow start” compared to their early outpouring of support for other Nintendo consoles, but early isn’t necessarily better. As we’ve seen.

But here we are with Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle just around the corner, and it looks as though Ubisoft has finally gotten its head on straight when it comes to Nintendo consoles.

They recently announced that they will have more Switch games to announce “quite soon”—and seeing as how they said this during their earnings call, we get the impression that they mean it.

What will those titles be? Who knows! Speculate away!


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