Superbeat: Xonic Grooving Onto the Switch

There are already two rhythm game offerings for the Nintendo Switch these days, but both of those offer very different content—which we think leaves plenty of room for a new addition to the catalogue. Superbeat: Xonic is coming to the eShop later this fall, slated for October 3rd.

The game originally released on the PS Vita in 2015, and though it was received well, it wasn’t until last month of this year that it was ported to the PS4 and Xbox One. Yes, it’s a little late getting to today’s consoles, but the Switch edition will feature over 50 unique music tracks and 200 different play patterns.

Players will also get to enjoy an endless survival mode and a leaderboard—yes, go on, compete with your friends! If this title is new to you, check out the trailer below to learn more.


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