Nintendo Switch Manufacturing Could Hit 18 Million Units

The Nintendo Switch has been on store shelves for almost six months, but “on store shelves” is actually a debatable term, since it’s been quite difficult to actually keep the system in stock. Nintendo has released many statements since launch regarding its efforts to meet demand, but so far we’ve seen them stay true to the 10 million shipped units that was part of the Q1 financial reports earlier this year. What does that mean for the system overall?

Well, according to The Wall Street Journal, Nintendo might be very close to being able to fix this stocking issue and as a result, we may see a rocketing increase in production to the point of 18 million units.

The article states that:

“Nintendo’s official target is to ship 10 million Switch units in its current fiscal year ending in March 2018. People involved in the supply chain say they have been told to prepare for 18 million units. One executive in the supply chain said his company was ready to pick up the pace of production if asked.

…People familiar with the supply chain say Nintendo is making progress working through shortages of key components, such as flash-memory chips and batteries. And it has overcome many of the challenges in assembling the machine’s detachable, wireless controllers, which pack sensors and other delicate components into a small space.”

This would be a fantastic move for Nintendo, if they can get stock actually onto shelves for the holiday season. Could the Switch make the kind of impact the Wii did? It’s too early to say for sure, but the demand for the system is certainly encouraging.


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