First Impressions – Lost Sphear (Nintendo Switch)

If you’re familiar with I am Setsuna from Tokyo RPG Factory, then you may be pleased to learn, as we were, that Lost Sphear is the follow-up title from this team. While we at Nintendo Fire didn’t spend a lot of time with I am Setsuna, we’ll do our best to convey the highs and lows of our brief look at Lost Sphear.

This new title is much more upbeat than the team’s previous offering, with a brighter, often pastel-esque color palette, an energetic cast of characters, and a much fuller soundtrack.

The combat in the game, which is most of what we experienced in the demo, is remarkably standard for a Square Enix RPG turn-based combat game. Attacking and defending both seemed to fill up your power gauge for special damage attacks, and what we understood was that a major difference between this title and the previous offering from Tokyo RPG Factory was your characters’ freedom of movement during combat.

Honestly, the demo was short and didn’t do much to give a strong impression of the title… and there weren’t any attendants at the booth to fill us in on what to expect. Sadly, we can’t give this a strong recommendation unless you’re already familiar with I am Setsuna and therefore have an idea on what you’re getting into. At this point, we’ll have to keep our eyes open for an eShop demo to give it a fighting chance.

Lost Sphear releases for the Switch on January 23, 2018.


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