Welcome Back, Childhood – Double Dragon Coming to Switch

It was only a matter of time, wasn’t it? There are already so many HAMSTER Arcade Archive games in the Switch eShop that it feels like you’re swimming through them to find anything else – but for retro game fans, the company’s consistent releases has helped to bandage the cut of not having a Virtual Console type of experience on the Switch (yet).

And while most of those games have been less popular titles (in terms of name recognition), this latest addition is definitely not that. Arcade Archives Double Dragon arrives tomorrow, January 18th, and there’s no question that Double Dragon may be one of the most recognized arcade titles of all time. The game is a legend in fighting titles, a forerunner to the Street Fighter series and the game that arguably birthed an entire genre.

One bonus for fans is that it’ll land in the shop for the same price (around $8USD) as the previously released Arcade Archives titles, and will have two-player co-op (as well it should).


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