My Nintendo Gold Points Soon Useful for Switch eShop

This is a happy bit of news! Since the launch of Nintendo’s new rewards program My Nintendo in 2016, there have a been a number of rewards on offer such as discount, in-app items, and other digital rewards. However, the usefulness of the rewards program has been in question, especially by those who remember the hearty days of Club Nintendo (and maybe still have a t-shirt, bag, or 3DS case lying around).

Nintendo has apparently been listening to our criticisms and is set to update the My Nintendo program to include the ability to spend Gold Points in the Switch eShop. You can use your points for partial purchases and then pay the balance with eShop funds (or however you like), which is a very welcome change.

And it makes keeping track of the rewards program worthwhile—what a notion!

Gold points do expire, however, remaining valid only until the last day of the month in the next calendar year after they’re earned—so it’s in your best interest to spend, spend, spend!


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