Splatoon 2 “Starter Edition” Coming in March

On March 16th, Nintendo will launch a Starter Edition for Splatoon 2—this announcement comes right on the heels of learning that Pearl and Marina will be getting their own amiibos in the near future (not that there was really any doubt of that, was there?).

The bundle includes not only the full game, but a 100-page Splatoon 2 strategy guide, and two large sheets of Splatoon-themed stickers. They look really stinkin’ cool, by the way.

The bundle will release at MSRP of $59.99USD, which is oddly the same cost as the base game on its own.

If you’ve been holding off on Splatoon 2 but wanting to give it a shot, this March might be the right time to dig in!


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