Friday: PAX East 2018: Panels of Interest

Debates, DLC, ethics in gaming… today has a full slew of panels we think might be of interest to our readership, so we’re going to highlight them right here before you head out to tackle the day. These are either Nintendo-themed or connected to Nintendo in some way, either through topic, concept, or gaming history.

Remember that all our suggestions are subjective, so do flip through the program on your own for more information or to see what else is on offer.

At the very least, we hope our suggestions may help to narrow down your choices for the day ahead, or perhaps spark an interest in something else you might not have otherwise noticed!


  • What Makes a “Core” Mario Game? Settling the Debate @ 11:00am-12:00pm (Bumblebee Theatre)

With roughly 200 games featuring “Mario” in the title, how do we separate the “core” platforming games from the cameo ephemera? Super Mario Bros. is definitely in, and Mario’s Picross is definitely out, but what about Yoshi’s Island? Mario Maker? Super Mario Run?Donkey Kong?! Our panel of experts will discuss what recent poll results say about how the community views the Mario disapora, and debate some potential guidelines for what truly defines a core Mario game.


Kyle Orland [Senior Gaming Editor, Ars Technica], Anthony John Agnello [Head of Social Media, VentureBeat], Jeff Grubb [Mario Whisperer, VentureBeat], Gene Park [Washington Post, Audience Editor for Opinions]


  • Sequels, Series, DLC: How Games are Changing Storytelling @ 2:30pm-3:30pm (Bumblebee Theatre)

How did Breath of the Wild teach us that the Zelda timeline isn’t as important as we thought? How did Dark Souls II’s DLC convince us that Dark Souls II was incomplete? Video games are developing rich new tools to tell stories across multiple games, add-ons, and episodic content. Join the game analysts of With a Terrible Fate as we dissect our favorite and least favorite series to understand these tools, and to speculate about the next generation of game stories!


Aaron Suduiko [Founder; Chief Video Game Analyst, With a Terrible Fate], Jaron R. M. Johnson [Video Game Analyst, With a Terrible Fate], Laila Carter [Video Game Analyst, With a Terrible Fate], CJ Thomas [Video Game Analyst, With a Terrible Fate]


  • Ethics of Pokemon GO @ 5:00pm-6:00pm (Bobcat Theatre)

Is it okay to spoof in Pokémon Go? Even if I’ll never go to Australia? Isn’t it cheating to use a Pokémon Go Plus instead of catching things myself? Should I really stuff animals into tiny balls and make them fight each other? Join Dr. Catherine Flick, an ethicist; Dr. Propriety, organizer of the PAX East Pokémon League; and Dr. Tyr Fothergill, an expert in human-nonhuman relations for a discussion about Dr. Flick’s recent research into the ethics of playing Pokémon Go!


Catherine Flick [Senior Lecturer, De Montfort University], Tyr Fothergill [Research Fellow, De Montfort University], Dr. Propriety [Organizer, PAX Pokemon League]


  • Who Wants to Be A Nintendoaire? @ 7:30pm-8:30pm (Condor Theatre)


Think you have what it takes to be a Nintendoaire? You don’t need money, it don’t take fame, don’t need no credit card to ride this train. All you need to do is show up early and you can get a chance to test your trivia might in a competition for fancypants Nintendo-themed prizes including memorabilia and games. Just remember: Metroid is the alien and Zelda is the princess. We had a dude call Samus “Metroid” one time. It was rough.


Neal Ronaghan [Director, Nintendo World Report], Julia Moses [Nintendo World Report], Patrick Barnett [Wheels of Steel, Nintendo World Report], Lauren Ronaghan [PowerPointer, Nintendo World Report], David Egolf [Tech Assistance, Nintendo World Report]


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