First Impressions – Phogs (Nintendo Switch)

You know when you see a game and pick up the controller out of curiosity, not really sure what to expect? That’s what happened when we checked out Phogs, the latest title out of CoatSink (which apparently isn’t even releasing until sometime in 2019?! so take everything in this first impression with a grain of salt, since that’s a lot of time for things to change).

In Phogs, you control a two-headed dog (don’t ask where the butt is, don’t ask where the butt is), which acts more like a worm than the pushmi-pullyu from Dr. Doolittle. The controls for the game are designed to make your thumbs eventually scream in frustration, though there was a lot of similarity in the control scheme to Snake Pass—you need to work both sticks in conjunction to get fluid movement out of your character.

One stick makes the creature grow, while the other moves. You can grab onto objects with your mouth and manipulate the environment to solve puzzles, all to get through to the end of each level where your phog dives into the mouth of… uh… another creature.

It’s weird.

Some of the details in this game are pretty neat, despite the weirdness. For example, the demo had one portion where one side of the phog would grab onto a light source, and the other end became essentially a flashlight. Rerouting streams of water with your phog’s body was also pretty fun, though there were definitely plenty of frustrating moments as we struggled with the oversensitive (and sometimes undersensitive?!) controls.

There’s plenty of time for CoatSink to fine-tune this one, however, so if this is the starting point, it will probably be quite the intriguing little game when release time comes. Despite the frustrations, we’d give it another shot at a future PAX or gaming event to try out any new features. We’re looking forward to seeing how this develops over time.


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