Swap This! Might Come to Switch eShop

Earlier this month, Two Tribes—known for its titles RIVE and Toki Tori—let fans know that it planned to bring one of its smaller games to the Nintendo Switch in the near future. Despite fans begging the company for a new Toki Tori game, Two Tribes went ahead and posted this Tweet:

So it’s definitely not Toki Tori. Eagle-eyed players in the know have done some thinking and have postulated that the announcement will be for 2011’s mobile puzzle game Swap This!. If you make the trek over to the game’s page on mobile, the features mention that there are over 45 puzzles, a Minute Match mode, social media integration, and power-ups.
While it hasn’t been officially announced just yet, this is a pretty good guess and we’re sticking by it too.


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