N64 Mini is a Fake, Dreams are Crushed

Over the weekend, a few images were making the rounds on social media of what was supposedly a leaked Nintendo 64 Classic Mini. Nintendo fans have been expecting Nintendo to announce this mini console as a follow-up to the incredibly successful mini versions of the NES and Super Nintendo.

However, news sites and Nintendo fans took a closer look at this image once it was discovered that there was no official information from the company itself, nor anything in the trademark archives (which is often how new games and hardware are discovered by gaming detectives). Upon closer inspection, the truth is out: these photos are fakes, there is no N64 mini.

One of the major tipping points in figuring out fact from fiction was the typography on the mini version, which didn’t match up with the original in a few ways. The reset button was also identified as a clue to the truth, as well as the weirdness in the N64 logo. If someone was trying to convince us all that an N64 Classic Mini was coming our way, why didn’t they take the time to make the logo a little more… well, N64-like?

Of course, debate is still raging online, but right now the speculation is that Nintendo has plans to bring the N64 library of games to the Switch at some point in the future, otherwise they’d likely have announced this mini edition by now as we head into the holiday season.


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