Prima Games Shuts Down After 28 Years

An era in gaming is coming to a close, following the announcement from the largest strategy guide publisher in the United States. Prima Games has been creating and publishing game guides for 28 years, and the decision to close was “extremely difficult” but came as the result of a “significant decline” in the sales of physical video game guides.

Prima plans to discontinue all operations by Spring 2019, and will no longer be working on new material. Staff will complete all currently commissioned projects, with parent company DK presently in talks with “all colleagues in Roseville, Indianapolis and New York who have been impacted by this announcement.” The Roseville office may close as soon as mid-November.

As difficult as this is for all involved, the closure of gaming-related publications isn’t a new phenomenon. We’ve seen a steady increase of closures over the recent years, including online publications. This is cited as a result of free walkthroughs and tutorials popping up in places like personal sites, YouTube, and even Twitch walkthroughs, making it difficult for those offering similar content for a paid subscription or one-time cost.


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