New Trailer for Away: Journey to the Unexpected

We first tried out Away: Journey to the Unexpected at a PAX weekend in early 2017, and have given it subsequent “Impression” posts as we’ve tried it out again each time Aurelien Regard & publisher Playdius have brought it along. It’s seen many changes since that first impression, each time improving in visuals and gameplay—and now that release is imminent in Q1 2019, there’s a new gameplay trailer!

This title has been described as a “feel-good first-person adventure game” that blends rogue-lite elements with action and storytelling. Your character is a little more focused on making friends than bashing up enemies, and you get to recruit many of the interesting characters you meet throughout your journey.

The art style is anime-esque, and the soundtrack follows the same concept. Take a look at the new trailer, the game looks much smoother and a little faster-paced than earlier builds. Although a firm release date hasn’t yet been given, it looks and sounds as though this title is almost ready to go.


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